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Cashmere & Environment

We, at Patasi Cashmere manufacture our Cashmere with utmost care to the environment. After all, You would not want Your brand to be associated with a polluting and destructive manufacturer.

All our Cashmere is humanely sourced without hurting the Chyangra goat and the herders are paid fair prices for the raw material that they collect. We make sure the cashmere used in Your products cause no harm to the environment. We farm our own cashmere in Byanhot in Inner Mongolia. We also maintain a grassland in the area with the help of local villagers.

We use only internationally certified dyes in our factories which are safe for the environment and safe for Your products. All dyes are processed before they are drained to the sewage. Our workplaces are clean and most importantly safe for our staff.

All the hot water used in the factory is heated by solar water heater which reduces the pollution to great extent.

With the advancement in green technology, We are developing a environment friendly Cashmere manufacturing plant. IT IS IMPORTANT FOR US THAT YOUR CASHMERE IS GREEN AND ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY. Please contact us at "" For more information regarding the yarn we use to make your cashmere at Patasi Cashmere.

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