What We Do?

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Industry leading weaving facility with in house dyeing, printing and sophisticated Jacquard machine line up. 


Modern knitting facility with advance computerized knitting machineries and a vigilant quality control.


 Our high quality Yarn is the most Softest and probably the most ethically farmed Cashmere Yarn in the World   



Industry leading weaving facility with in house dyeing and printing facility assures that we will be responsible for the quality of your woven cashmere from start to finish. Machine operated weaving machines leads to maximum productivity and timely delivery of Your Cashmere. Jacquard machineries assures most of your designs are made seamlessly



Knitting facility equipped with modern computerized knitting machines assures quality, efficiency and capability to manufacture the most complex of Your designs. With the entire manufacturing done under a single roof timely delivery and quality checks are assured.  Stay Relax and Assured!!!   



The most primary stage of cashmere manufacturing is the collection of raw materials. With Patasi Cashmere heavily involved in cashmere farming, Obtaining maximum quality from the primal stage is now possible. The holistic approach also removes the middle man involved in Cashmere trading, meaning the cashmere farmers received the maximum financial benefit & Sustainable Farming.