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Knitting a Cashmere Sweater!

You have created a beautiful design. Now you want to transform your sketches to a beautiful knitted cashmere sweater. This video shows the steps from receiving your design and, making and sending your knitted cashmere sweater to you.

After Your designs are confirmed, the master of production will calculate the require amount of yarn. The master of production will also calculate the bed space required to knit the separate parts of the body i.e. main body, sleeves, collar etc.. Second, the knitted pieces are washed and dyeed according to your color requirement.

Third, the pieces are taken for quality control where the mending and repair department will check each and every piece in detail. Any errors during the knitting process will be checked and corrected. During work in progress, it is their responsibility to check for quality issues every now and then. Fourth, the separate pieces are taken to the linking department so that it is linked together to make your beautiful design come to life. They are ironed, labeled with your brand logo and care labels, and packed and delivered to you.

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