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This Is How Your Cashmere Will Look Like In 10 Years Time

Cashmere is a Natural fiber that is designed by nature to last a life time. Cashmere is like hair, It is very difficult to destroy-especially, if you do not intend to. Here is a list of few things you will notice as your Cashmere ages:

1) Durability- Cashmere is a true investment

Cashmere is an investment. It makes you look great, while also giving you the feeling of luxury. As it needs quite lot of resources to make, It is true Cashmere is expensive. Nevertheless, they last- a really long time. Of course you need to care for it. Caring for cashmere is not as difficult as people think. You just need to make sure to wash it individually in cold water (do not wash like artificial fibers) and use designated washing product. Like I said, it is like your hair- we don't consider washing our hair with body unless we have no option.

2) It gets softer

If the Cashmere you bought last time is losing its softness, I am sorry to say but you probably bought a fake Cashmere. Being a Natural fiber, Cashmere gets softer with time. Many fake Cashmere is made soft by the use of Chemical. You will feel like you bought the right thing but eventually you will notice. If you want a softer Cashmere, it's best to let it soften naturally over time. Adding fabric softener will likely have the opposite effect.

3) It will be in Fashion

Historically, Cashmere is a luxury and very expensive fiber. However, with time, technology and the incredible economic growth of China Cashmere is now much more affordable. It is still a luxury and by being in fashion for nearly thousand years- first, with rich and wealthy royals and now among Us- It is very unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon.

So, does the Cashmere you bought 10 years ago compare to what we say? Write to us and we will try to figure out what went wrong.

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