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Why we source the Yarn for Your Cashmere?

In recent years, the quality of the cashmere yarn available in the market is going down.

At the very beginning, fast fashion brand entering the cashmere industry did not help. Their business model meant unsustainable production of cashmere which led to unethical practices in the industry. You can't blame the farmers here. They saw an opportunity to make more money and improve their quality of life, and so they choose the path. A choice, they say was the worst of their lives.

Furthermore, climate change is pushing cashmere industry into further chaos. 90% of the world cashmere is produced around the grasslands of Gobi Desert and Taklamakan Desert. These deserts are growing at drastic rate. If you are not going to make sure your cashmere is sustainable, then these dessert is going to consume the white gold we all love.

At Patasi, we source our own yarn so that we make a guilt free and sustainable cashmere for you. You know cashmere, it is soft to the skin, luxurious to the eye and just amazing to feel. Now it is your choice to make. Do you still want the cashmere you love tomorrow?

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