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Soft & Sustainable

About Us

The Grasslands of the Himalayan Mountains and the Gobi Desert, where 90% of the world Cashmere is produced, are dying at a drastic rate because of climate change. Fast fashion brands entering the industry did not help. Their business structure put an incredible pressure in Cashmere farming.

This has led to a dramatic decrease in quality of Cashmere. Your Cashmere is getting rougher every year, it is losing its finesse and softness. Every year, the quality of Cashmere is degrading. If You don’t do anything now then it won’t be possible for you to wear a beautiful cashmere sweater tomorrow.

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What We Do?


Industry leading weaving facility with in house dyeing, printing and sophisticated Jacquard machine line up for your next scarf.

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Modern knitting facility with advance computerized knitting machineries and a vigorous quality control for a perfect sweater.

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Our high quality Yarn is the most Softest and probably the most ethically farmed Cashmere Yarn in the World.

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Our Collection

Patasi Cashmere was established in 1997 by our chairman Mr. Bishnu Raj Pandey with an aim to manufacture and supply the highest grade cashmere pashmina products from Nepal. Ever since its humble beginning, the company has focused on fabricating only the highest quality cashmere pashmina products  which includes Cashmere Blankets, Cashmere Scarf , Cashmere Shawl, Woven Scarves and Cashmere Poncho.

Staying up to speed with the trends of ever changing fashion industry and an increase in demand from customers we have now diversified our manufacturing unit to fashion Cashmere, Silk, Cotton and Wool products in pure as well as blended weaves and knits. with the utmost integrity and high level of business ethics, We manufacture Cashmere Blankets, Cashmere Scarf, Cashmere Shawls, Woven Scarves and Cashmere Poncho for Small Fashion Brands, Boutique Brands and  Larger Brands. We believe that the quality of our manufacturing process will define the success of your business and the success of your business defines the success of our business.

Explore our Collection and Contact us to  manufacture Scarfs, Blankets , Sweaters, Scarves , Poncho, Shawls  for your Fashion Brands.

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